PTM Ports

TETStech Vision being ‘Seamless movement of all e-Vechicles’, the company would install the PTM in all the strategic locations to achieve the comfortable run of wheels.  The intention being to extend the services to all sectors of our society, TETStech  would expand the PTM availability in all Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Religious and Industrial sites.

Residential PTM

The Green-minded Residents are made to feel comfortable as they would have TETStech PTM Charge ports available right at their residential complex parking areas so that their journey begins without any hassles.

Commercial PTM

The Commercial Centers, Shopping malls and streets would be enabled with TETStech PTM Charge ports which would help the shoppers feel free on their day out with family and friends

Institutional PTM

The Institutional Centers of Education, Health Care and Governmental would be equipped with TETStech PTM Charge ports to help the students, teachers, workers and the visitors of Health & Governmental centers never have to worry about their e-Vehicles readiness with enough battery power for their mobility.

Religious PTM

The Devotees visiting the Religious Centers as a family or in groups can leave the burden of their Power requirements of their e-Vehicles to TETStech shoulder as the PTM would take over their burdens with ever-ready operational capability to power charge their commuting.

Industrial PTM

The Industrial sectors, who are the heart of every economy, consuming huge amount of power, need to be taken care in a much broader way so that their requirements are addressed in all possible manner 24×7 through TETStech PTM Charge ports.  TETStech Power share smart contracts help this sector to address their need in every possible ways.


At TETStech PTM stations the power distribution is directly effected from the Renewable Power Generating plants.  As we understand and value each penny of the users, the charging experience is made easy and cost-effective to bring Smiles on every users.

Our PTM ChargePoint Netlink’s make it easy for any ports to be used by any user through convenient  systems supported by TETStech e-Charge Apps.

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