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TETStech Service Offers

TETStech offers the users of PTM very attractive and customized offers for using the e-Charge stations.

The range of Service offers cover

Free SMILE PlusTM Charge Card at the time of Registration

Easy integration with all Payment plateforms

SMILE PlusTM Points accumulation as per e-charge

TETStech Application

Offer eligibility alert before initiating the charging

Users unlimited Service App updates as it gets upgraded

Eligibility crieteria updates for all new offers in future

TETStech Services

Turn around time of maintenance would be 24 hours

24X7 proactive PTMTM charge Ports health monitoring

Dispatch of service technicians as and when required

Best Services Of TETStech

Smart Grid Ready

Simple Service Fee

Compact Design

Smart Grid Ready

Easy Installation

Cable Management

Customer Service

Generate Revenue

Service PLUS+

PTM Charge Port’s subscription solution, enables the user to accumulate PWR POINTS (PP) to the user in cases of NO CARD access.  The QR Code would let the user to access the PTM Charge Ports based on their accumulated PWR POINTS.

TETStech provides the Solution for Every kind of users

TETStech would never wish to deny the usage of its PTM Charge Ports to any customer in any form of Digital Payment modes. However, the Cash payments are limited only to the Road Network Charge Stations. Even at these stations, your cash can be exchanged for e-Payment Cards, if any customer wishes to buy one for their next consecutive usages.

PTM Charge Ports Web Plans Powering up User interfaces

With a wide range of features set-up in the industry, PTM Charge Ports Web Plans make the life easier for every e-Vehicles owners to operate and customize charging Plans to meet their specific requirements. No matter what kind of Individual usage of Commercial usage, TETStech will have appropriate Web Plans that will make your charging solution needs successful.

The range of Service offers cover
  • Price setting that drivers pay to use charging stations based on energy cost, duration, time of use, session length.
  • Advanced access controls to manage which user can access the Charge Ports where, how and when.
  • Power Utilization Web Plans would enable the user to charge more e-Vehicles at lower costs.
  • When every charge is done using PTM Charge ports, the user can easily trace their consumption, battery condition with the smart Power Management Tools
  • PTM Charge Ports Web Plans lets the Waitlist available for the user and notify them the more convenient time for their turn of usage.
  • As and when the charging is done, the wallet feature automatically notifies parking staff for moving the e-Vehicles away from the Charge Ports
  • Map enabled web plans let the user to locate their nearest PTM Charge Ports at the touch of the screen.

Contact your TETStech sales representative to find the right web plan for you. Or Simply request a quotation and we’ll get back to you shortly with the charging solution that best suits your needs !