Who We Are...

Transcendent Energy Tech Solutions ( TETStech) we link various mobility chains to play the most crucial part of Carbon Reduction Globally.

TETStech works to keep the Electrically Powered Vehicles move  seamlessly on E-Fuels with easy access to the charge Ports all through their End-to-End mobility. TETStech strives to ensure that every   e-Vehicles’ journey be powered at an affordable cost on a conveniently payable platform.


Safe, Secure & Easy to use Charge ports

TETStech POWER TELLER MACHINES (PTM)   are the chain of EV charge Points established at convenient locations throughout the Road Networks dedicated to seamless mobility of e-Vehicles by providing the Safe, Secure & Easy to use Chargeports anywhere. Our charging point operators (CPOs) and e-mobility service providers (eMSP) would enable our  services making the PTM   charging available, everywhere.

TETStech Power Teller Machines (PTM)

At TETStech PTM   stations the power distribution is directly effected from the Power Generating plants.  As we understand and value each penny of the users, the charging experience is made easy and cost effective to bring Smiles on every users. Our PTM   ChargePoint netlinks make it easy for any ports to be used by any user through convenient  systems supported by  TETStech e-Charge Apps.

Level 1

120 V plug
About 10 hours for a full charge

Level 2

240 V plug
About 4-5 hours for a full charge
Upgraded household circuit/public AC charging

Level 3

DC charging
150 kW
About 30 minutes for up to 80% charge

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Our charging solutions are compatible with every (future) electric vehicle.







TETStech provides the Solution for Every kind of e-vehicle

PTM Charge Port’s subscription solution, enables the user to accumulate PWR POINTS (PP) to the user in cases of NO CARD access. The QR Code would let the user to access the PTM Charge Ports based on their accumulated PWR POINTS.

Contact your TETStech sales representative to find the right web plan for you. Or Simply request a quotation and we’ll get back to you shortly with the charging solution that best suits your needs !