1What is a PTMTM ?

Transcendent Energy Tech Solutions (TETStech) runs the e-Fuel Charging Stations called as “POWER TELLER MACHINES” which are known in short with their brand name as PTM .

2What are PTMTM Charge Ports?

PTM Charge Ports are nothing but the e-Fuel Charging Stations being run by  Transcendent Energy Tech Solutions Company or its subsidiaries at various important locations. TETStech Install and support all of the technology that powers this network, from charging station hardware to energy management software to a mobile app. We also offer residential charging with suitable Charge Stations, so you can charge at home and on the go.

3Where do I charge my eVehicle?

If you are on the move or on a travel, you may charge your eVechile at any publicly accessible location on the TETStech network of PTM  Charge Ports.

TEStech’s PTM companion App would assist you to locate the nearest PTM  Charge Ports/stations and let you  access to the stations near you on their multiple charging networks.

4How do I charge my eVehicle ?

The Service Assistant at TETStech PTM ports will enable the Charging of your eVehicle according to the compatibility Ports and your eligibility creteria on Power POINTS / Smile PLUS+ points or on Card or Cash payments modes.

(….The more automated access for self charging plans are on the development and would soon be rolled out )

5How much will it cost to charge my eVehicle?

TETStech PTM Charge Ports are both Company-owned or Leased or independently owned and have prices determined accordingly without much variations. Many stations are free to have discounted rates and the cost of charging at each PTM Ports can be seen in their respective Port’s information app or on display at the Charge Ports.

6How do I pay for charging?

When you sign up at the TETStech web portal or Mobile App for a Charge Card, you will be providing your e-payment info so you’ll be ready to charge wherever you go. The first time you use a PTM  charge Port station with a fee, your account gets activated for all future PTM, accesses, more similar like a Bank’s ATM Card.

7How do I obtain and activate a SMILE PlusTM Charge Card ?

You can sign up for a free SMILE Plus card online or via our  SMILE Plus mobile app. After signup, you will receive a free card within 7-10 business days. Once it arrives, you must log in to your account and activate your card. Go to My Account and select Manage SMILE Plus Points. Make sure you have your SMILE Plus  card on hand to enter the serial number and select save.

8How do I accumulate and activate the SMILE PlusTM Points ?

After having activated your SMILE Plus charge cards, every usage at our Plus charge ports earns you the SMILE Plus Points depending on the amount of your charging and the mode of payments you opt to pay.
Once the SMILE Plus Points, reach to the offer eligibility level (depending upon the offers at the time & month of the year ), you will receive an alert message on your registered Mobile Phone, which can be redeemed at the time of your charge payments at our PTM

9What are the connections and how do I connect to a station?

As our esteemed Customer with TETStech, you need not worry about your Connections and Charging at our PTM charge ports. The Service Assistants at TETStech PTM ports will check your type of connection and assist you with a seamless charging.

10Why do i receive the PTMTM Charge Ports notifications ?

Notifications help you stay aware of your eVehicle’s charging status at all times. You can set up mobile and email notifications for:

  • When your car is fully charged.
  • When charging is interrupted.
  • When the power to your car is reduced.
  • For charging station reservation status and reminders.
11When all the PTMTM Charge Ports are busy, what do i do?

When all the PTM Charge Ports are busy, you need not worry, as you have options. You can just click the “Notify When Available” button on the station screen in the app and we’ll let you know when the PTM charge port in the spot is done charging. When you get the alert, you may choose to move your e-Vehicle and charge, or decide that you don’t need to charge right now after all—it’s up to you.

12How does PTMTM Charge Ports manage station faults?

When we encounter a charging station that is not operating correctly or a driver notifies us that a station is down, we reach out to the owner and help facilitate the repair. If you come across a station that is down, select ‘Report a Problem’ in the station’s information section to notify Support of a faulted charger.

13What about charging at home?

TETStech provides Residential PTM  which are Level 2 Type Home Charger units for your e-Vehicles, which can charge any e-Vehicles up to 6X faster than a standard wall outlet. Using TETStech Charging App, you may schedule charging to save money, set reminders to plug in and manage home and public chargings.

14How are my greenhouse gas savings computed?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides the estimates, to derive the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions you’ve helped the Globe to achieve, in a formula, based on how much you’ve charged your e-Vehicles, by measure of which, the number of miles you’ve driven on electricity, is calculated instead of gasoline

Here are the estimates we use in our calculation:

  • Driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle emits 8.8 kg of CO2 per gallon (19.4 lbs CO2/gal).
  • A passenger car average fuel efficiency for ICE vehicles is 23.9 mi/gal (mpg)
  • An electric vehicle has an average efficiency of 3.0 mi/kWh. [Note: This is our estimate based on data for several types of electric vehicles.]
  • The average for emissions from generating eVehicles to fuel electric vehicles in US, is 1.55548 lbs CO2/kWh .
  • CO2is 95% of GHG emissions .

Get a charging station that best suits your needs. Simply request a quotation and we’ll get back to you shortly with the charging solution that best suits your needs!